Steady, honest, knowledgeable, resourceful professional

I called Brenda and let her know I had decided to move from Wilmington to Charlotte—–We discussed what I wanted in a home, and what I didn’t–physically and financially. I already had a comfort level with her because we go back a long way as school mates. I was, of course, watching to see ‘how she worked’ –and was pleased to have a call from her the very next day offering to pick me up to look at some places.

We went to several places in a variety of areas of Charlotte; all were descriptive of what I was interested in. We continued to look at the properties she had gleaned for me. Within a week, I had decided on a home. Brenda proceeded to make an offer for me, work with the realtor for the seller and kept me informed gently, but wisely guiding me with my thinking as far as what was possible and what was necessary. Wise stability is what I felt from her– when the offer was firmed up we proceeded with all the necessary details.

She was by my side vs. just on the phone with me—from being with me for the inspector, talking directly to and conference calls to my banker in Fayetteville, constantly letting me know local people that I could chose from for everything from carpet cleaning to getting my locks rekeyed. She then set me up with a company that could be at my beckoning call when/if I needed professionals to service anything, Brenda, as I have since learned is her pattern, stayed in touch with me to be sure I was settling okay and just welcoming me to the area with her presence.

Brenda treated me and my home as if we were a personal investment for her — not just her job, establishing a relationship with me that is built on total trust in her advice, comments and references. If I need a realtor again—Brenda is absolutely who I want. In addition, if I ever find myself dealing with a real estate situation and do not live in Charlotte, I know Brenda would be available for me to talk with in any area of knowledge she has.

Brenda crosses every “T” and dots every “I”, and in doing so never loses her influence as a steady, honest, knowledgeable, resourceful professional. She keeps herself looking professionally great, she is accessible and eager to be what is necessary for the entire relationship to leave a wonderful experience in your memory bank. I could not be more pleased ——I am impressed with my friend Brenda.

— Linda S.